Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crazy Week Ahead!!

This weekend will be the performances of the Nutcracker, which I am in. We are doing a Friday evening performance, a Saturday matinee and evening performance, and then a Sunday matinee. As much as I have so far enjoyed doing the Nutcracker again and I enjoy the adults and children I am working with, I will be glad when it is done. I am SO incredibly far behind on everything else right now and have no time to accomplish anything because of rehearsal every night for the Nutcracker, but it is definitely proving to be one of the absolute best performances of the Nutcracker I have yet to see!

Aside from that, the Office Manager at the office of my full time job (Yes...that would be my mom ;) ) is leaving tomorrow to go to Denver to see her brother and nephews for the weekend so things at work are going to be crazy busy as well since she won't be in again until Tuesday afternoon. Ahh!! Crazy week!!!
As always, I'm taking things one step at a time and just working through everything day by day, hour by hour. So far, I haven't lost it, haha!!!

Friday I will know about the auditions for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". I am most definitely not expecting a part because of all the other absolutely amazing actresses that auditioned, and I'm ok with that. If I do not get a part then I'm simply going to move on to the next one! I would really love to audition for the next show so it's not like if I don't get a part in this one I can't go for the next show! :)

Aside from that, I've gotten some positive feedback from the first poem I put up so I'll probably try to put up a couple more sometime soon and see how those go as well :)

I am going to be doing some more pictures this weekend hopefully for a friend so I'm looking forward to that and I am also looking forward to a DIY gift idea I found from another blogger/YouTuber and I CAN'T WAIT to try it and give it to some of my friends as small Xmas gifts!!! :D

Thank you to everyone so far who has supported me in my poetry and such! I appreciate every bit!!

Hope all is well with everyone!!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Poem #1

Here it is....the first poem I'm putting out there for careful determination and examination.
I'm still unsure if this is the right one to put out there first, but I suppose I have to start somewhere, right?
I am looking for honest feedback. I know the poem is probably not going to come across the same as it does in my mind, but I suppose that's the thing about poetry. It's put down on paper and read by others to create a sense of finding one's self in another's words.
It is one of my shorter poems, but I don't think the length of a poem is what really matters, its the message it sends and how it is received.
So give me honest feedback and let me know if you want to read more.

Shadows on My Wall
When late nights bleed to early mornings,
Infinity leaves its barren eternity
To sneak out into the ebony hallway
And play with the lost souls.
It is in this state of forgetfulness that
The sun shines as
The rain washes away reality.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Auditions Night

So...I traveled through the freshly snowed streets this evening to Dakota Stage to audition for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". I think I did alright. There were a few that I definitely thought were way better than me and I don't really think I have a whole lot of chance for the part I want (Nurse Ratched) but I think my audition was good and I at least maybe sort of have a fighting chance for it. :P Either way, I would even take one of the smaller parts just to get back into theater again! I miss it a lot! And if I don't get a part in this play (especially considering there are only 4 female parts and 7 girls auditioned already tonight let alone however many show up tomorrow night) then I will definitely be auditioning for the next show they do!
I guess we will see!!
This week is going to be crazy busy!!! I have Nutcracker rehearsals all week since we perform this weekend so I'm going to be up to my ears in ballet and silent acting, haha! I'm glad they called and asked me to do it, but I will definitely be glad when it is done. I do get to dress up in a big dress with a crazy hoop skirt, so its definitely fun! :)
After the Nutcracker is over, if I don't get a part in the play, I will be focusing on videos and scrapbooking I think. Nothing too crazy, but I did start to try to film a few videos so hopefully this week if nothing else I can take my laptop with me and edit them while I'm waiting at rehearsals and then I can get one or maybe two videos up this week! They were nothing special and I do want to film a new, different hairstyle to post, so I'm going to try to get that filmed this week sometime as well. And one video I really want to do is me getting ready for the Nutcracker, hair and makeup and at least a couple pictures if not a short video in my dress! Just for fun! :)
I'm also probably going to post my first poem tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get some good feedback and to know what people honestly think of it. Either way I'm excited to see what the reaction is and such! :)
Well, I hope everyone's day/week/month/year is going fantastically!
Much love to everyone!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Computer in the house!!!

FINALLY I have my personal laptop back at home!!! A big shout out to my friend Ben for fixing it for me!!!! I am so glad I have such amazing friends!!! It took forever because my hard drive is what got affected so he had to let it run for pretty much a month straight at least to try to recover some of my pictures. I got lucky enough that I had already saved most of them to an external hard drive so I didn't really lose much, but listen to me, everyone, when I say: Back up your info!!!! I would have been devastated if I had lost all my pictures!!! From now on, all my pictures not only go onto my computer, but onto my external hard drive as well right away!

So, now that I have my personal computer back, I REALLY want to do like 10 videos right away! I enjoyed doing them and miss it and hope to get caught up! Also, even though winter has officially hit us here in good ol' ND, I really want to do another heel shoot soon. I'm hoping to figure out a place inside to do another shoot. I would love to do one outside in the snow, but I want it to be a really good snow fall before I do it. We will see if that even really happens or not, but for now if anyone has any fun ideas for a heel shoot at an indoor location in which I would be allowed to do some photos please let me know!! I still would love to find a library that would allow me to do a photo shoot in it, but we will see if I can find one that will.
There is a building in Mandan that used to be the library that has a spiral staircase in it that I would LOVE to use to do some pictures on, heel and model, but I have no clue what the building is now and if the staircase is even still in it or not. I'm hoping to find out soon!!!

Also, I did find that a few people seemed interested in giving me some feedback on my poetry so in the next day or so I'm going to pick out on of my poems and post it for feedback and such. Fingers crossed! :D If it goes well I will continue posting poems, if not, oh well. We will see! :)

I hope everyone's holiday season is going well so far!! Drew and I have our Christmas tree and a few other decorations up and I already have almost all of my Christmas shopping done!!! Just a few more odds and ends to finish up and I will be good to go!! I'm so excited for Christmas this year! It is the first year that Drew and I are having a real Christmas together in which he is here instead of working out in the oil fields and we will get to do all the family stuff together and such, so I'm excited for that! And I'm actually ok with the snow for right now. Personally, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without snow :) And it's winter in ND....if we didn't at least like the snow a little bit, then we shouldn't live here!!!

So good luck to everyone with getting their Christmas shopping done early and without too much of a hassle!!

Much love to everyone!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In need of feedback...

So I know reading the lives of the people around us through blogs and such isn't always the priority in people's lives, but there is something new I'm wanting to use this blog for. For the longest time I have wanted to go back through my poetry and refine some of them and see if I could possibly get a book of them published. What I am looking for is feedback from people that will be honest with me.

So...If I were to put my poems up on this blog, say one a week or so, is there anyone that would be willing to give me some feedback and let me know what you think about the whole idea?

It's something I'm still throwing around because not many people have read my poetry and it makes me nervous to put something so personal and "naked" out there for basically anyone to read. It's something that if I decide to keep a bit closer to home I may also just post on Facebook so only the people I have on there can read it. Like I makes me nervous. My poetry is something I have always fallen back on to let emotions and thoughts out and to express myself without judgement because I never imagined anyone would ever read it. But its a piece of me in an art form that I think some people might enjoy...

I used to really enjoy going to open mic nights, even if I never got up and did anything, but just to sit and listen and watch different art forms and such....I really miss it and wish there was still something like that around here...I would love to start one up but I'm not sure how to go about doing it so...maybe this will be something good for me to do :)

The only other thing that would worry me about it, is I don't want anyone trying to steal my work. No, I don't really think any of it is going to be good enough to make someone want to claim it as their own...but I also don't know if I really want to risk that. These are little pieces of me and I want them to stay that way, not have someone else use them as if they are their own...which makes it difficult that I don't technically have any of them copyrighted or published or what have you.

If anyone has any feedback for me I would love to hear what you think! Makes me nervous just thinking about it!! As I's something I think I would really like to do....but something that half of me wonders if it's the correct thing to do or not...

Until next time, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's the Holiday Season!!!

I absolutely love the holidays!!!!! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I can't wait for the delicious meal, family time and poker!!! Hahaha, yes, we like to play a game of poker after our Thanksgiving dinner so long as everyone hasn't passed out on the couches, chairs and floor from too much turkey! Haha!

It makes me sad that Thanksgiving tends to get looked over because people pass it by for Christmas. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is one of my absolute favorite holidays....but it has it's time and place, just as Thanksgiving should. There are far too many people and stores with their Christmas decorations out on display. I understand that around good ol' ND the weather gets pretty crappy around this time of year so some people want to get their outside decorations hung up before it is below 0 outside....but at least wait until the Friday after Thanksgiving!!! Get up at 2 A.M. do your crazy Black Friday shopping, and come back and have a family day of decorating and hot cocoa!!!!! That is my plan anyway! It makes me sad for Thanksgiving that not enough people appreciate it for what it is. I'm hoping to make an attempt at making a pumpkin pie from scratch again this year. I did about 3 years ago and it worked...but not as well as I had hoped, so this year will be the next test!!!

I am of course overly excited for Christmas this year as well!! This afternoon I'm going to be heading out to get about 75% of my Christmas shopping accomplished!!! I'm glad that for once I will have my shopping done early instead of doing it all a week before Christmas. The Christmas tree just looks so much prettier and more fun with all the presents underneath it. :)

I hope everyone has an amazing and safe Thanksgiving!!! I know the roads up here have already gotten pretty bad and I've seen pictures of some pretty bad accidents so drive safe people!!!!! If you are in ND and have never driven through the ice and snow before....SLOW DOWN!!!!!! Ice + snow + roads = bad driving conditions!!! You will slide all over the road and get into an accident if you don't take precautions!!! So be careful!!!!

Hope everyone is well and loved!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So, how cohesive is it to use one blog to post entries about makeup and then take a 180 turn and post about the emotions of a day to day life, of a poetic piece expressing the comings and goings of the things passing by my sight each second of every day.  Does it change the person, the followers, the potential? Does it change anything at all? Does it even matter one way or another.

The change of emotions is faster than the change of the weather on an average day in North Dakota. Heater in the morning, A/C in the afternoon, back to heater in the evening. Happy in the morning, frustrated in the afternoon, exhausted and confused in the evening. Just to start it all over again the next day and wonder if you should have made the change yesterday. If there was even a change to be made and since you haven't made it yet if you should make it today. And if you don't today will tomorrow be another opportunity?

Is the constant rattle of the keys under my fingertips simply a comfort in the fact that I know I'm not "alone"? That the computer screen in front of me is keeping me company. A blazing flame in the middle of the night that keeps me hoping, wanting and craving. Keeps me from losing my mind to the numbness of the shadows.  Or is it simply something to hide my mind from the goings on to avoid facing myself. To avoid looking in the mirror and seeing the woman I don't care to see anymore. Is change really necessary, or simply a change of mind? A change of heart? Is the sound just a comfort to pretend things are they way they used to be when my life revolved around the computer and only the computer. Living half my life in the cyber world where no one had to see me and I didn't have to see them and it was only words and emotions didn't have to come into play if I didn't want them to.

I remember the nights of never sleeping because the computer would be my best friend until the early dawn peeked over the hills to say hello to another day I didn't want to face. I would have loved to have stayed cooped up in the house for weeks so long as the food didn't run out and I didn't have to leave the computer for too long. And now I can't get enough of getting out of the house. Doing...practically anything. In front of the computer I at least kept myself. There's was never anything that wasn't myself. But out there, out in the world of extreme noise or deadening silence, there's too much surroundings to feel like I'm really being truly and fully myself instead of putting on a pretty facade to make the people around me happy. In doing so I've forgotten if I'm only making them happy, or if it makes me happy as well. Or half and half. But what to do to make myself fully happy again has eluded me.  It feels as though every time I sit down to write I'm at a loss. Writing is what used to make me free. Uncage me and set me loose through the paper and ink where nothing could confine me because I knew it was only me and no one else and that never had to change.

And now the "real world" has battered down my door and forced me to look at myself and make a choice. No matter what the choice is it has to be made and it has to be done now. There's no more time. Time is a thing that slips through my fingers no matter how tightly held together they are.

An no one will ever know because that's how I like it and that's the way I want it to stay. I've spilled my emotions to the ground too many times to merely have them stomped on and left to rot to ever do so again. And so my passions remains deep inside, tucked away in a safe little box that only I have the key to. The light may grace them from time to time but we have learned. We know better now.

So the music may pound and drown out all conscious thoughts so I may lose myself to the nothingness, but the music will fade, because nothing lasts forever. We all know that.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some Makeup Favorites

I figure since I'm pretty much unable to get any videos edited and posted at the moment, I can at least do a little blog about some of my favorite makeup products right now. These are just some of the products I have been using almost daily lately that I have come to really like! I know the pictures aren't "the best" but they will do for a blog post :P
On to the products!!

I have been on the major search lately for a good pallet of neutrals that would be good for travelling and just for everyday. I tend to bring my makeup to work with me lately to do my makeup there because I haven't been getting up early enough to do it at home. A bit lazy, yes, but hey, working two jobs and only getting 6-7 hours of sleep in between gets a bit rough sometimes.

This first palette is 8 shimmery brown tones by MAC. Now I have never purchased anything from MAC and doubt I ever will because I think its ridiculous to pay the prices they want for their makeup. Yes, it is better quality for the most part (or so I've heard) and if you are a makeup artist I fully support using MAC products, but I actually found this one on Ebay for about $6. It did come from China and I'm sure is some sort of knock-off, but I do really love this palette! The colors are beautiful and its so nice and easy to be able to just grab one palette and go. I also purchased one of these palettes that has 4  brown tones and 4 black tones.

This second palette of 3 is by Almay. Again, I have been on the hunt for neutral palettes! :P I LOVE the colors of this one! You can't really tell in the pictures, but the colors are all a really pretty iridescent-ish shade. They are perfect for a 3-tone smokey eye that isn't too overdone so it can be worn during the day. I just think these colors are gorgeous and has been my go to palette the past week or so. Purchased from for around $5-$6.

This single eyeshadow is from Hot Topic. No, this hasn't been an everyday shadow, but I just loved the color and I like their packaging. I just think it's fun and something different! This color was just such a pretty iridescent blue/purple I had to get it! $2 from Hot Topic.

Every time I go to Wal-Mart I stand by the Hard Candy section and just look over it. I have wanted to get one of their baked blushes for so long. I haven't so far just because I'm a cheap ass and didn't want to spend $7 for a blush. But if you think about it, $7 for a blush with as much product as appears to be in this is not bad at all! I got #127 in Honeymoon. And I love the packaging on this as well. It's half of what attracted me to it I think, haha!

My next every day product is the ever popular Elf contouring blush & bronzer palette. This is such a great product! It is only $3 and the colors are great! I'm not 100% sure on how long lasting it is, but it's good enough for me! I use the bronzer every day to contour my cheeks and the blush (although not my every day blush) is a gorgeous pinky/peachy color! And! It has lasted me quite a long time!!! The mirror that was in the top of the compact did fall out of mine, but I never really used it anyway so that wasn't too big of a deal to me. and for $ can't go wrong!

Ever since I first started wearing cream/gel eyeliner, this has been my all time favorite!!! The little brush in the picture is the brush that comes with it and it is seriously the PERFECT brush for cream/gel eyeliner! It's a nice small brush that makes it easy to get close to the lash line and make a winged liner and I can even get my waterline with this brush! This is the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in Blackest Black. I did accidentally leave mine out in my vehicle this summer when I bought it so the product did sort of melt towards the side and top of the container, but the product still works great and I am not even half through the product and it's lasted me at least 6 months now. It is $10 but you get your money's worth!

If you're looking for a cheap and easy eyeliner, this is the one to go with!!! I was looking for new eyeliners to try using that were quick and easy and didn't cost a fortune. I found this one on It's the black mania gloss eye pencil by Essence. It was about $2 and it is great!!!! I have never used a pencil eyeliner that was this soft before! Usually the pencil eyeliners just pull at my eyelids and don't actually leave any product on them, but this one just glides on! I love it! Especially for the price! I am afraid that when it comes time to sharpen it that it will just fall apart since it is so soft, but I believe putting it in the freezer for a few minutes and then sharpening it will solve that problem. Again...only about $ can't go wrong!!

As far as eye primers go, everyone raves about the Urban Decay primer potion. Now I'm sure it's amazing...but I am not just about to spend $18 on a little container of eye I heard that Victoria's Secret made an eye primer and one of my friends said it really worked for her. Low and behold, it does!!! This sucker only cost me about $8 and has lasted me at least a year!!! It hasn't gotten all gross or anything either! Definitely will buy this again!

Another Victoria's Secret find that I was surprised by was their Glossy Shinesticks. These are sort of a mix between a lipstick, chapstick and gloss. They are for the most part like a tinted lip balm. They don't really offer any moisterization for your lips...but they don't dry them out either...if that's makes sense...And the colors are really good for what a tinted lip balm would be! They do have some glitter like stuff in them but it's not over done where your lips are sparkling from miles away. It just adds a nice shimmer to them. They also smell nice instead of smelling like gross makeup! The two shades I got were Lemon Twist (the top one, it's name comes from the fact that it smells like lemons...not the color) and Colada Love (the bottom on, again named for it's smell). I did buy these during one of their semi-annual sales when some of their makeup products were 75% off so I got these for only a few dollars...I'm not sure if I would purchase them for the original price because I can't remember what it was...but I do really like these! The only one downfall...when you first purchase them the product comes up over the lip of the tube, so when you take the top off you have to be careful that you don't take half the product off with it! :P

And last but not least, my favorite mascara lately has been the Maybelline One by One Volume Express mascara in Very Black. It rarely clumps and covers my lashes evenly. All in all a very good mascara!! Already a re-buy! Usually around $7 from CVS or Wal-Mart but I found it on on sale for $5 recently.

Well I hope this blog wasn't overly boring. Yes it was all about makeup, but hey, it's part of my life! :P Hopefully I can record the makeup I'm doing this weekend for the Zombie Pub Crawl and make that into a video. If not I will definitely be taking tons upon tons of pictures and posting them for sure!!! Halloween is such an exciting time!! I can't wait to try out my makeup looks for my costumes this year!!! Woo hoo!!!!
Hope all is well with everyone!
Much love!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still No Computer

I feel so lost without my computer at home. I never realized how much I used it until I didn't have it any more. I am able to do a few things here and there from my computer at work, but if I have actual work to do there's no time for me to work on anything else of my own.

I haven't been able to edit the photos I need to edit or any videos at all. It's so frustrating!

I have however delved back into reading a lot more again, which is nice. I was in the middle of a series about two years ago and just tried to get into the next book but had forgotten almost everything from the previous books so I have gone back and restarted from the beginning...grr...

I have also decided that within the next...2-3 years or so, I would like to write a book. A fiction/science fiction book I believe. I have the kind of general idea in my head, but we will have to see how that actual comes out. Writing a book is a huge challenge and getting published will be even more difficult. Just because a story seems good in my head, does not mean anyone else will find it interesting.

On other notes. I am SOOOO excited for Halloween!!! The costumes I am for sure on are Medusa and Jekyll & Hyde (one side of me Jekyll, the other Hyde) and I'm really hoping to try out my makeup and film it and possibly get the videos edited to put on YouTube...we will see if that happens depending on if I get my computer fixed or if I get down time at work at all....both of which are extremely up in the air at the moment. I did get time to decorate my house for Halloween last Sunday so I'm super excited about that and hoping to possibly get some more decorations tonight! :P You cannot over decorate for Halloween!!! No clue yet what the actual plans for Halloween are, just know that this year my costumes are going to be epic!! Oh yes! Epic!

I have been absolutely craving and desiring to just sit in a coffee shop all day and work on writing and reading and such, but alas, my 8-5 during the week job does not really allow that to be fully possible. If places would stay open past 5 it wouldn't be bad at all, but most coffee/tea shops close by 5 ish. Argh! I'm also hoping that with winter making it's unfortunately fast approach I will get back into the knitting spirit and starting working on some things.

Hope all is well with everything in everyone's little worlds!!!
Much love,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's amazing sometimes the crazy things that can happen in your life that make you realize not only who your true friends are but also who will really be there for you and who actually cares about you and your feelings. No, I'm not going to go into any kind of a rant or anything, just still really surprised at the turning events in my life this past weekend....

On a good note, I have a really fun DIY project that I actually have a full idea for and I am ready to execute! Just hoping it turns out how I have it planned in my head! :P Organization and decor has been one of the top things on my mind lately!!! I am slowly but surely getting to where I want to be with my decor ideas...very slowly...but it's getting there!!!

The other thing on my mind lately....moving.. To move or not to move, that is the question....

I want to write out a list of pros and cons to moving. I think the Denver,CO area would be great, especially since there are two people there that I already know, plus one of the people is my uncle who would let my boyfriend and I live with him. Which would be great especially since if I do move, I would preferably like to move for only a year or so. Just to get out of ND and get some different experiences and everything. I want to go through the process of job hunting and storing my furniture and such for a year? It's such a tough decision for me right now....

So far my list of pros:
Great experience, fun times to be had, getting to live in (or a few miles from) a bigger city, the opportunities that could come with being close to a big city, better shopping (haha, of course I had to put that!), wouldn't be TOO far from home, I already know a couple people there

Cons so far:
Being away from our parents, giving up my steady job, having to store or move all our belongings, making sure to have a place where my two kitties can live as well, affording the move, finding a new job, dealing with living that close to the "friend" who caused me a great deal of pain/stress this last weekend, learning a new place

I'm just so unsure about it all....anyone have any helpful hints?! :)

Hope all is well with everyone!
Love love love,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Frivolities

So this weekend is going to be a busy but fun weekend starting right when the clock hits 1!! Ferlice and I are going to head to the humane society to walk a couple puppies (yes I call all dogs puppies no matter how old or big) and play with the kitties (same goes for cats :P)!! I'm so excited! I've wanted to get my butt out there and volunteer for the longest time and just haven't gotten around to doing it. After this it will be time to shower up and head on out in search of a new pair of glasses. The pair I have are great, I just want a new pair and since my insurance will cover a good chunk for a pair of glasses I figured its time for some fun new glasses! Picture to come once I pick them out! :D
After glasses picking it will be time for the races!!! My mom traveled to Fargo to pick up my two nephews and bring them here for the weekend! So tonight it's the races! Then tomorrow we are doing some school shopping and lunch, after which it will be "getting cute" time to head out on the town to celebrate Laura's bday, then head to the OK Corral (yup, you read correctly) to listen to a band that's playing there.
Sunday I will be finishing up some family photos and then heading to Sertoma park with my mom and the boys for mini golf and rides!

Phew, hopefully I make it through it all! Haha!!! I'm excited though! It will be a fun filled weekend for sure!!!

My computer is once again down so I am still working solely from my work computer whenever I have a chance so videos and photo editing has come to a slow crawl since I rarely get the chance to work on them, but hopefully my computer will be up and working again very soon!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!

Exes and Ohs to everyone! :P
The Ferninator

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY decor!!!

Last night my friend, Kathie, and I trucked on over to good ol' Hobby Lobby. I have been wanting to do a DIY decor video for a long time since I found what I wanted to do, and I FINALLY got the supplies for it!!! I'm so happy with the material I found and decided to use! It's such an exciting project, I can't wait to do it!!! I'm hoping this Saturday or possibly Sunday will give me time to do the project and get it all filmed and such.

I've been way to busy to really do any more hair tutorials at the moment and I do have one makeup tutorial I want to try. I'm not really that good at makeup, but this is a take on one of the makeup tutorials that has been going around YouTube lately. It's really fun and pretty! :D

The rest of this week is going to consist of:
Wednesday (tonight): Gym, then gals night with Kathie and Adrienne
Thursday: Gym, then heading out to Bucks for the Break Bucks Bank night and/or heading to the Dove to listen to my parent's band play. (Yes, my parents are rockstars ;D) Then packing an overnight bag for Friday
Friday: Working til noon, then heading for Minot for a wedding, attending the wedding and dancing the night away
Saturday: Return from Minot and watch Drew play softball (if I get back in time) and hopefully doing my DIY project!!
Sunday: Taking pictures of a gal friend in her wedding dress since her wedding will be down in Vegas!!

It's going to be a busy but fun and exciting rest of the week!!
Hope everyone's week is going well so far!!
Much love,
Fair <3

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I have a plan!

I have a couple hair tutorials in mind and hopefully this time I stick to them! :P

I want to do some back to school hair tutorials, even though I'm not going back to school, I know its definitely a big hit right now, and I want to do two separate videos for this. One on about 3 hair styles, and one on different ways to wear pigtails as an adult (or young adult :P) I do not care what anyone says or thinks, I absolutely love wearing pigtails! :P (A little girl at heart til the day I die!)

Also, I'm wanting to do a couple hairstyles for people with longer and thicker hair, meaning my best friend Kathie will be coming into the picture so I can  "borrow" her hair :P She's such a sport!

One other video I'm wanting to do since I'm at a resting point with my shoes, is my high heel collection....I recorded it once, but wasn't happy with the results of the way it got filmed and such, so I'm going to do a new one now that I have added and subtracted some heels so my collection is pretty "stable" right now.

Again....I'm hoping these are not empty promises I'm making! :P The only thing I'm worried about is having the time to do them! The heel collection one especially will take an hour or so just to film because I have so many pairs that I will need to put on, take off and put away. But I'm excited to do it still! :D

I've also been working lately on revamping the townhouse a bit. I've lived in this townhouse now for 4 years and am just now FINALLY starting to decorate it! Drew pretty much just let's me do what I want because its really not his thing! Haha! I should have all the pieces I want now to get my living room all decorated so that is one of my next tasks! Also, my bedroom is finally set up well and now I just need to add some decor, but that will have to wait for a little while until I decide exactly how I want our bedroom to look. I haven't decided on colors or any sort of a "theme" yet, so I'll wait and see. My kitchen is finally all ready to go though as well. Yay for making my house into a home finally! Haha!

I've finally also gotten back into the gym. Yay for working out! :P Other than that, life lately has consisted of softball on Monday nights, watching the Swimsuit International contest at Bucks on Thursday nights (Yes, I'm 25 and I go to the bars and watch girls strut their stuff on the stage on the dance floor and have done the contests myself, its just fun :P), watching our movies from #-Z (Drew and I got rid of DirecTV just to save on some money and instead have started watching our collection of DVDs from #-Z, so far, we are still in the As haha! But it's fun! :D), and hanging out with friends and family a lot! Drew has also been going down to his dad's house a lot to help him with the flooding that's been going on. I'm thankful that the flooding didn't get any worse than it did! Not that what occurred was good, but I'm glad he didn't lose the house and no one was hurt or anything of the like.  So life hasn't been overly crazy, just filled each day with different things going on.

One other thing I'm excited about is I did my first high heel shoot a couple weeks ago! I have yet to go through the pictures and pick out the ones I really like and edit them and such, but it makes me happy knowing I have at least gotten the ball rolling on my high heel series I've been wanting to do! Hopefully more to come soon! I'll post some of my fav pics on here once I do get them done!

I've also gotten a couple customers for my business, Forget Me Nots. It started as a scrapbooking business that my mom convinced me to do and it hasn't really taken off, but it's slowly working its way down the runway. I have done one scrapbook, one guestbook, and pictures for a friend of mine. The business mostly consists of scrapbooking and decorating the flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows for weddings, but I also do some pictures on the side. Granted I'm no where near a professional photographer level and my camera isn't the best camera out there or anything, but I really enjoy photography and hope to continue with it and maybe get a better camera someday. I don't think I would ever want it to be my full time job, but I do thoroughly enjoy it as a side thing to do! :D

I hope everyone's day/week/month/year is going swimmingly! :)

Much love,
Fair <3

Friday, August 5, 2011

Being absent

Well...after being all sorts of MIA with my blog and YouTube for a while, I'm back!! I got a new background and a couple new videos in mind so hopefully I'll be able to get my home computer fixed fast so I can get to editing some videos and posting them!!

Summer has been so incredibly crazy busy for me I just haven't had time to do everything I've wanted to do, so I'm hoping that once winter rolls around again (I can wait though!! :P) I will have much more time to be at home and doing videos and more fun DIY crafts and such!!

I know I don't have many followers or readers on my blog (yet!), but if anyone that reads this has any ideas for videos or anything you would like me to do a video on specifically just let me know!!! The things I think I would be ok at are hair tutorials, maybe some makeup tutorials, DIY crafts and I'm hoping to do some healthy food videos!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and here's to hoping I get time to get geared up on my videos again!!

Much love,
Fair <3

Monday, February 21, 2011

And I'm back...

I'll explain the trip as easily, in as few words yet as in detail as I can. A bit contradicting, but yeah...we'll see, haha!

Well, we left the Bismarck airport at 6:40 a.m. February 11th. All the flights went really well and smoothly. We went from Bismarck to Denver to Miami and finally to Montego Bay, Jamaica. After landing we had to get a shuttle to take us to the resort since Runaway Bay is about 40 miles or so away from Montego Bay. (I don't remember exactly how far away, but around that..) We payed for the shuttle to take us to the resort and come pick us up again on the day we left. The guy said it would be leaving in about 15 minutes. So we truck on out to the shuttle and get in with three other people. 15 minutes my butt. Almost 2 hours later we finally left! I guess they were waiting for another plane to arrive that was late or never showed up or something...anyway. I fell asleep on the bus ride there, but it took us about an hour to get from the airport to the resort so we finally got into our room at about 1:30 a.m. It was a long day to say the least. So we got our bags in the room and pretty much just crashed that first night. 

The next day we woke up and went to walk around the resort to check it out and find some food. We didn't even make it a quarter of the way through the resort and some crazy Jamaican came and grabbed Drew and sat him down in a chair in a line of about 7 other guys for a race. They had to start from one end of the pool, swim around back to where the chairs were, do 5 push-ups, chug a beer, grab their chair and go through the pool all the way back to the beginning.....yeah....welcome to Jamaica. Needless to say, Drew wasn't the most excited about this, but played along anyhow. After this we did get food and pretty much just bummed around the resort all day.

The days to follow were pretty much the general we would wake up, go get the breakfast at the buffet if we got up in time for it, bum around the resort, grab a drink and hang out on the beach or in the pool, get lunch, take a nap, get up and get ready for dinner, go have dinner, walk on the boardwalk, go to bed. Rinse and repeat. Some of the things we did do around the resort...
At least 5 of the 6 days we were looking for shells for me on the beaches. We played a few games of chess on the giant chessboard (one of the ones you walk on and such). We walked on the boardwalk at least 3-5 times a day. We sat in the hammocks some. Swam in the pools, played some volleyball and basketball in the pool, and had some drinks at the swim-up bars.

On the first day, we went to go sit in a hammock, Drew let me get in first so it would be easier for me. I fell out. Yes, I fell out of the hammock all by myself....I had battle wounds. It was quite hilarious! Whenever we walked on the boardwalk, if the waves were big enough they would wash little crabs up onto the boardwalk. They would scuttle away off to the side and under the boardwalk when we started to walk towards them, but it was still fun to watch them. 

The resort was definitely not what we expected. The website on the resort was a bit deceiving. The website said they had 4 restaurants and you could get snacks 24/7. Well two of the restaurants were only open on certain days and if you wanted to eat at them you had to make a reservation the day before or early in the morning because they filled up right away. By the time we figured out when they were open we were leaving and they weren't open on the last night we were there. I realized when we tried to make the reservation for the last day that there was a small sign on the desk that said what days they were open. So we ended up eating a lot of the same things over and over. Breakfast was always the same, we ate at the Reggae Cafe everyday for lunch because that's what was open and then at night the buffet was never good so we had the pasta instead. So the food wasn't the best and every time we saw a food commercial on tv at night we would change the channel cause we would just get hungry haha! Also, they had a pool table in the pool, cool right? Wrong. The "felt" was the fake plastic grass turf so it was horrible for playing pool, the sides were so high you couldn't even get a good shot, and the pool stick had no tip since it was in the water. Not their best idea ever.
Also something we found out about the resort after we got there, it just changed on October (or maybe September) from being a nudist above the bed and above the bathtub were full length mirrors on the about unexpected...

Of the things they had to do in the water we only did one. We went out on a little kayak for about 15 minutes. It was ok, but I have such fears of touching the ocean floor that it wasn't fun for me. I kept thinking we were going to tip over and I would accidentally touch something under the water and..yeah...eek! I know, I'm really weird, but it's true. We didn't do the snorkeling because one person said it was only sea urchins, so nothing exciting and you could put your feet down. There was one wind surfer but of course again with my fears I didn't want to do it and Drew just wasn't interested in trying it. We did play some pool and ping pong in the game room. (They had ping pong, pool and slot machines in the game room..) The only nightlife was drinking pretty much...they had a piano bar where one guy would play piano and they would do thank you....and they had a nightclub. In the nightclub the music was louder than the bars in Bismarck and the room was small and there was usually only about 5 people in we never went there but once to see what it was like. So the nightlife was very boring there. 

The good thing about the resort was the staff. They were all really friendly and willing to help. And yes...they literally always say "Yeah, mon.", "Respect." and "No problem.". So every time we walked up to the bar it was, "Hey baby, what can I get for you?" (Insert heavy Jamaican accent) The bad thing about drinking down bud light and absolutely not clamato. They had vodka, one (maybe two) whiskeys, a couple liquers, red stripe and red stripe light on tap....and rum. Lots and lots and lots of Jamaican rum....nothing that Farren really likes to drink. I ended up leaving a lot of pretty much full drinks because I didn't like them. 

The other thing I didn't expect...Jamaica was very....for lack of a better word....ghetto....I expected it to be a bit, but not as bad as it was. On the way back to the airport from the resort I literally saw a woman parked on the side of the road selling munchies and snacks and such out of the back of her van....They will try to sell you almost anything. And we did walk out of the resort once, we got only about 200 feet from the resort and got hit up at least 5 times for pot, even from across the street....yeah...

All in all, I don't really ever want to go back to Jamaica. And I will also never book a trip on my own again. I'm going to a travel agency. It will be well worth the lack of stress!!! It was terrible when I was planning this trip! The weather was amazing the entire time we were there. I'm pretty sure even at night it never fell below 70 degrees. For everything I ended up wearing, I could have packed it all in a carry on...pretty much just work a swimsuit and cover up every day. Put on a skirt and top or simple dress at night, but that was it. 

The best thing about this trip is that it taught me a lot and I'll know better for a lot of things for next time! I am glad we went on the vacation. It was some much needed time away from the "real world" and it was nice to soak up some Vitamin D and just relax for a while. 

I hope everyone is doing well!!! I know I'm extremely slacking on videos but hopefully I'll catch up quick!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I cannot believe that in less than 48 hours Drew and I will be on a plane to....Colorado! Haha! We have a few change-overs so we will be going to Denver, then Miami, then Montego Bay, then taking a taxi to Ocho Rios. All the traveling will definitely be worth it once we are in our hotel room!!! I am so excited!!! We are doing all our packing in one fell swoop tomorrow night. And I will be bringing my camera, my nice Canon Rebel camera, and the video camera Drew bought us for the trip! So there will be plenty of documentation of our trip to share with everyone when we get back!!

I've been working on a few videos lately but haven't finished one yet so I'm hoping to finish one tonight or tomorrow night and post it before we go!

I'm so glad we are taking this trip over Valentine's Day! I HATE Valentine's Day!! If you have to have one specific day to tell someone you love them, then you musn't love them all that much. What Valentine's Day represents is every day to me. I tell my boyfriend every day that I love him and how much he means to me. I don't need one specific day to do that. Drew and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day other than maybe getting each other a card or something like that and that is the most we do. I would much rather get flowers as a surprise on a random day than overly cliche red roses on Valentine's Day when every other girl is getting them as well. This is just my opinion of course and I know many many other girls love this day of the year, but as for me, I'm way over it!

Moving on!  As soon as Drew and I get back from our trip I will be able to finish my organizational video!!! I finally got my last piece about a week ago. I have one more thing I need to figure out before I can make the video but I'm pretty much all good to go with it! I'm excited to do this one because for a while there I was at a total loss on what to do with all my makeup and hair accessories and jewelry and such! I'm hoping my organizational tips will help other girls (and/or guys) out there to get their stuff organized! It just makes me feel better about my living space and is a bit of a stress reliever to have everything in its place and put away. Now if only my scrapbooking room was as organized! Hopefully that will happen next! :P

As much as I hate this holiday, I do hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day and I will catch up with everyone when I get back from Jamaica!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Life has been busy busy busy!!! Work and other things have just been keeping me occupied! After tomorrow I will have a lot more free time before I go on my trip to Jamaica so I'm hopefully going to film and edit 2-3 more videos and get them posted before I leave. I'm wanting to do at least one if not two more hair tutorials and maybe another makeup tutorial. I've been feeling like a bit of a chicken with my head cut off trying to make sure I have everything ready for the trip and making sure I won't be completely stressing and freaking out the day before we leave, haha! Things are going very smoothly so far so hopefully that continues throughout this week and through the trip! Fingers crossed!

I hope everyone is doing well and winter isn't completely freezing anyone out! And to anyone that has complained about winter without experiencing a North Dakota winter, go through one of our winters before you even start to complain! Haha! I had a booth at the bridal show this last Saturday for my scrapbooking company and when I walked outside after the show I couldn't believe how much snow had piled up on my car!!! But at least we are in the end half of winter, getting over the winter hump. Not much longer now! I'm also of course very excited that in 8 days I will be on the beach in a bikini with a drink and no worries for a whole week!!! It's very much needed!

Aside from that I have been going crazy trying to get the right outfits for my trip! As soon as I have completely decided I'm thinking about trying to do a video on how to "pack smart" for a trip when you don't want to overload yourself (which I tend to do) and how to pack the "correct" things for a trip so you aren't bringing things that are unnecessary. We will see if I get the chance to do that or not. Maybe my boyfriend will help me with it, we'll see. :P

Again I hope everyone is doing well!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


I think I finally found a decent set up for filming videos! It's a bit wonky if you see if from my perspective, but for the two tutorials I did I think it worked out well. I'm so excited about doing hair tutorials. I'm planning on doing some makeup ones too, but I'm way better at doing hairstyles than makeup! Haha! :P So here are my first tutorials!

Smokey-esque Makeup Tutorial

Easy UpDo Tutorial

I have a few different hairstyles that I already want to do tutorials on so I'm really hoping those go over well! I have tried to do a knitting tutorial and I've started making some cute DIY hair accessories that I want to do tutorials on as well, but I have to find a good set up for those first. I don't have a tripod so it's hard to find a place to put my camera that will work for those...hopefully I'll think of something! :D Also, my organizational video is still at a stand-still. I'm still waiting on one piece to come in the mail to get the rest of my jewelry organized. As soon as that comes in I'll be finishing that video and posting it! :D I also filmed my high heel collection video...but in a couple weeks I'll be getting two new pairs of heels, and I didn't like the way I filmed it the first I'll be taking another go at it! (Probably not until after our trip cause I don't think I'll have the other heels until then, but that's ok!)

Life has lately. Working, working and more working. Housecleaning and a bit of shopping on the side. Hanging out with friends. The usual. The one really exciting thing....Drew and I are in the "teens" of our trip countdown!!! Only 18 days left until we leave for Jamaica! I started making my list because I've already started to have nightmares that I forgot something. :S Eek! So I'm making a very specific packing list to ensure I don't forget anything. I know I practically won't need but a swimsuit to go, but I'm a girl, I want my options, haha! I do most definitely plan on spending most of my time outside in the ocean or pool or whatever! Relaxing, laying in the sun, swimming....and not gonna lie, drinking. Yes...I'm of age and I enjoy a cocktail (beer haha!) here and there. Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I was the perfect Angel and never did anything of that sort....oh...wait...everyone who knows me knows me better than that! Hahaha!!! Just kiddin'! :P But yes, I do plan to have my fun while I'm there. It's all inclusive! You can't go wrong there!! I am hoping to get in one day of shopping if I can find a place with little shops and such near the resort, hopefully find a small group or another couple or something that are heading out as well so we aren't going by ourselves. I've heard over and over again "Don't go out of the resort alone! Don't go out at all at night!" I understand why, so we are going to play it very safe. I don't plan on leaving the resort much at all anyway! :P I don't think we'll have much reason to. Let's just say, I'm totally ready for some good ol' R&R with the boyfriend and some good ol' Vitamin D soak-age!

I hope everyone is doing well!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Second Haul video

New video :) Just a random haul because it was quick and easy. I'm working on my heel collection video so that should be the next one I put up and then if I can find my sewing kit I'm going to do a DIY hair clip video. I have misplaced my sewing kit and can't find it anywhere so as soon as I remember what the heck I did with it, I will get that video going! :P I'm also going to try a shot at doing a makeup tutorial. My only problem is a place to film it. The lighting in my bathroom isn't really good and I don't have a place to set my camera to actually do film me doing the as soon as I get that worked out I will be attempting a makeup tutorial :P

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Ink!

So...I got a new tattoo last night! I have had this idea for a tattoo for a while and wasn't going to get it until after my trip to Jamaica, but a coworker of mine at Applebees had a friend visiting him who is a tattoo artist and was only charging half the I couldn't pass it up!! I saw some of his work beforehand so I knew he was a good artist! I was so excited about this tattoo and it turned out even better than I thought it would! I had originally only wanted the "Love" portion of the tattoo but decided it needed something else...and especially for me, the sparrows were a perfect add on!!! Tattoo #6 was definitely a success!! :D

Levi (tattoo artist) helped me decide on a few of the details, like making one of them a girl sparrow by adding the eyelashes and it being ok to make them teal even though my other sparrow tattoo is teal :P

 Wrapping around the left side of my wrist

Wrapping around the right side of my wrist

My tattoo with my iv bruise and all. 
A week and two days old and it's still hanging around like a champ. Haha!

Levi also pointed out to me that the sparrows work upside down too! Such a crazy random happenstance! I hadn't even meant to draw them that way but it ended up that way! Love it even more because of this!

A view of it upside down from the side, too cool!

Sparrows are known for finding a soulmate and staying with them their entire lives. They are also known for flying great distances, but always returning home. :) This is only a couple of the reasons I like sparrows so much and one of the reasons I wanted the sparrows with the "Love" portion.

Hope everyone is doing well!! Hair tutorial video and knitting 101: casting on video coming soon!!! :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving Right Along

Here is video #3!!

Nothing too special...just the "What's in my purse" tag video. I'm really really hoping to do a tutorial for my next video! Hopefully my first knitting tutorial or a hair tutorial. Things have been extremely crazy lately so I haven't really had time for any in depth videos, hence the "fluff" videos. And my organizational video is coming along, I'm just still waiting for one last piece of organizational material to come in the mail for it to be complete :) I'm hoping this video will be really helpful to anyone that has a disorganized makeup collection or jewelry or anything like that. I know I had a problem with it and even having my makeup organized has made getting ready way easier!!

Life has just been a crazy roller coaster this last week. (I mean, when is life not a crazy roller coaster, but this week has been even more so...) Work has been really hectic, getting really sick Sunday night and having it continue for the next couple nights did not help! I got absolutely nothing done because I was basically just going to work and then sleeping...Now yesterday I worked from 8 A.M. to about 11:30 P.M. and my legs and back are just killing today! Ugh!! Ah well, the show must go on! :P

I hope everyone's year is starting off right! And if it's not starting off as you expected, then I hope it's starting off with a fresh new beginning! My year may not have started off as I planned or expected, but I can already tell it's going to be a great year! I have so many exciting things planned already for this year!

Here's to letting go of the past and letting the future hold everything we desire!

Happy 2011!!!

(Only 36 days until Jamaica!!)