Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crazy Week Ahead!!

This weekend will be the performances of the Nutcracker, which I am in. We are doing a Friday evening performance, a Saturday matinee and evening performance, and then a Sunday matinee. As much as I have so far enjoyed doing the Nutcracker again and I enjoy the adults and children I am working with, I will be glad when it is done. I am SO incredibly far behind on everything else right now and have no time to accomplish anything because of rehearsal every night for the Nutcracker, but it is definitely proving to be one of the absolute best performances of the Nutcracker I have yet to see!

Aside from that, the Office Manager at the office of my full time job (Yes...that would be my mom ;) ) is leaving tomorrow to go to Denver to see her brother and nephews for the weekend so things at work are going to be crazy busy as well since she won't be in again until Tuesday afternoon. Ahh!! Crazy week!!!
As always, I'm taking things one step at a time and just working through everything day by day, hour by hour. So far, I haven't lost it, haha!!!

Friday I will know about the auditions for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". I am most definitely not expecting a part because of all the other absolutely amazing actresses that auditioned, and I'm ok with that. If I do not get a part then I'm simply going to move on to the next one! I would really love to audition for the next show so it's not like if I don't get a part in this one I can't go for the next show! :)

Aside from that, I've gotten some positive feedback from the first poem I put up so I'll probably try to put up a couple more sometime soon and see how those go as well :)

I am going to be doing some more pictures this weekend hopefully for a friend so I'm looking forward to that and I am also looking forward to a DIY gift idea I found from another blogger/YouTuber and I CAN'T WAIT to try it and give it to some of my friends as small Xmas gifts!!! :D

Thank you to everyone so far who has supported me in my poetry and such! I appreciate every bit!!

Hope all is well with everyone!!!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Poem #1

Here it is....the first poem I'm putting out there for careful determination and examination.
I'm still unsure if this is the right one to put out there first, but I suppose I have to start somewhere, right?
I am looking for honest feedback. I know the poem is probably not going to come across the same as it does in my mind, but I suppose that's the thing about poetry. It's put down on paper and read by others to create a sense of finding one's self in another's words.
It is one of my shorter poems, but I don't think the length of a poem is what really matters, its the message it sends and how it is received.
So give me honest feedback and let me know if you want to read more.

Shadows on My Wall
When late nights bleed to early mornings,
Infinity leaves its barren eternity
To sneak out into the ebony hallway
And play with the lost souls.
It is in this state of forgetfulness that
The sun shines as
The rain washes away reality.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Auditions Night

So...I traveled through the freshly snowed streets this evening to Dakota Stage to audition for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". I think I did alright. There were a few that I definitely thought were way better than me and I don't really think I have a whole lot of chance for the part I want (Nurse Ratched) but I think my audition was good and I at least maybe sort of have a fighting chance for it. :P Either way, I would even take one of the smaller parts just to get back into theater again! I miss it a lot! And if I don't get a part in this play (especially considering there are only 4 female parts and 7 girls auditioned already tonight let alone however many show up tomorrow night) then I will definitely be auditioning for the next show they do!
I guess we will see!!
This week is going to be crazy busy!!! I have Nutcracker rehearsals all week since we perform this weekend so I'm going to be up to my ears in ballet and silent acting, haha! I'm glad they called and asked me to do it, but I will definitely be glad when it is done. I do get to dress up in a big dress with a crazy hoop skirt, so its definitely fun! :)
After the Nutcracker is over, if I don't get a part in the play, I will be focusing on videos and scrapbooking I think. Nothing too crazy, but I did start to try to film a few videos so hopefully this week if nothing else I can take my laptop with me and edit them while I'm waiting at rehearsals and then I can get one or maybe two videos up this week! They were nothing special and I do want to film a new, different hairstyle to post, so I'm going to try to get that filmed this week sometime as well. And one video I really want to do is me getting ready for the Nutcracker, hair and makeup and at least a couple pictures if not a short video in my dress! Just for fun! :)
I'm also probably going to post my first poem tomorrow, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed to get some good feedback and to know what people honestly think of it. Either way I'm excited to see what the reaction is and such! :)
Well, I hope everyone's day/week/month/year is going fantastically!
Much love to everyone!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Computer in the house!!!

FINALLY I have my personal laptop back at home!!! A big shout out to my friend Ben for fixing it for me!!!! I am so glad I have such amazing friends!!! It took forever because my hard drive is what got affected so he had to let it run for pretty much a month straight at least to try to recover some of my pictures. I got lucky enough that I had already saved most of them to an external hard drive so I didn't really lose much, but listen to me, everyone, when I say: Back up your info!!!! I would have been devastated if I had lost all my pictures!!! From now on, all my pictures not only go onto my computer, but onto my external hard drive as well right away!

So, now that I have my personal computer back, I REALLY want to do like 10 videos right away! I enjoyed doing them and miss it and hope to get caught up! Also, even though winter has officially hit us here in good ol' ND, I really want to do another heel shoot soon. I'm hoping to figure out a place inside to do another shoot. I would love to do one outside in the snow, but I want it to be a really good snow fall before I do it. We will see if that even really happens or not, but for now if anyone has any fun ideas for a heel shoot at an indoor location in which I would be allowed to do some photos please let me know!! I still would love to find a library that would allow me to do a photo shoot in it, but we will see if I can find one that will.
There is a building in Mandan that used to be the library that has a spiral staircase in it that I would LOVE to use to do some pictures on, heel and model, but I have no clue what the building is now and if the staircase is even still in it or not. I'm hoping to find out soon!!!

Also, I did find that a few people seemed interested in giving me some feedback on my poetry so in the next day or so I'm going to pick out on of my poems and post it for feedback and such. Fingers crossed! :D If it goes well I will continue posting poems, if not, oh well. We will see! :)

I hope everyone's holiday season is going well so far!! Drew and I have our Christmas tree and a few other decorations up and I already have almost all of my Christmas shopping done!!! Just a few more odds and ends to finish up and I will be good to go!! I'm so excited for Christmas this year! It is the first year that Drew and I are having a real Christmas together in which he is here instead of working out in the oil fields and we will get to do all the family stuff together and such, so I'm excited for that! And I'm actually ok with the snow for right now. Personally, Christmas just wouldn't be the same without snow :) And it's winter in ND....if we didn't at least like the snow a little bit, then we shouldn't live here!!!

So good luck to everyone with getting their Christmas shopping done early and without too much of a hassle!!

Much love to everyone!!