Monday, January 24, 2011


I think I finally found a decent set up for filming videos! It's a bit wonky if you see if from my perspective, but for the two tutorials I did I think it worked out well. I'm so excited about doing hair tutorials. I'm planning on doing some makeup ones too, but I'm way better at doing hairstyles than makeup! Haha! :P So here are my first tutorials!

Smokey-esque Makeup Tutorial

Easy UpDo Tutorial

I have a few different hairstyles that I already want to do tutorials on so I'm really hoping those go over well! I have tried to do a knitting tutorial and I've started making some cute DIY hair accessories that I want to do tutorials on as well, but I have to find a good set up for those first. I don't have a tripod so it's hard to find a place to put my camera that will work for those...hopefully I'll think of something! :D Also, my organizational video is still at a stand-still. I'm still waiting on one piece to come in the mail to get the rest of my jewelry organized. As soon as that comes in I'll be finishing that video and posting it! :D I also filmed my high heel collection video...but in a couple weeks I'll be getting two new pairs of heels, and I didn't like the way I filmed it the first I'll be taking another go at it! (Probably not until after our trip cause I don't think I'll have the other heels until then, but that's ok!)

Life has lately. Working, working and more working. Housecleaning and a bit of shopping on the side. Hanging out with friends. The usual. The one really exciting thing....Drew and I are in the "teens" of our trip countdown!!! Only 18 days left until we leave for Jamaica! I started making my list because I've already started to have nightmares that I forgot something. :S Eek! So I'm making a very specific packing list to ensure I don't forget anything. I know I practically won't need but a swimsuit to go, but I'm a girl, I want my options, haha! I do most definitely plan on spending most of my time outside in the ocean or pool or whatever! Relaxing, laying in the sun, swimming....and not gonna lie, drinking. Yes...I'm of age and I enjoy a cocktail (beer haha!) here and there. Sorry to disappoint anyone who thought I was the perfect Angel and never did anything of that sort....oh...wait...everyone who knows me knows me better than that! Hahaha!!! Just kiddin'! :P But yes, I do plan to have my fun while I'm there. It's all inclusive! You can't go wrong there!! I am hoping to get in one day of shopping if I can find a place with little shops and such near the resort, hopefully find a small group or another couple or something that are heading out as well so we aren't going by ourselves. I've heard over and over again "Don't go out of the resort alone! Don't go out at all at night!" I understand why, so we are going to play it very safe. I don't plan on leaving the resort much at all anyway! :P I don't think we'll have much reason to. Let's just say, I'm totally ready for some good ol' R&R with the boyfriend and some good ol' Vitamin D soak-age!

I hope everyone is doing well!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Second Haul video

New video :) Just a random haul because it was quick and easy. I'm working on my heel collection video so that should be the next one I put up and then if I can find my sewing kit I'm going to do a DIY hair clip video. I have misplaced my sewing kit and can't find it anywhere so as soon as I remember what the heck I did with it, I will get that video going! :P I'm also going to try a shot at doing a makeup tutorial. My only problem is a place to film it. The lighting in my bathroom isn't really good and I don't have a place to set my camera to actually do film me doing the as soon as I get that worked out I will be attempting a makeup tutorial :P

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Ink!

So...I got a new tattoo last night! I have had this idea for a tattoo for a while and wasn't going to get it until after my trip to Jamaica, but a coworker of mine at Applebees had a friend visiting him who is a tattoo artist and was only charging half the I couldn't pass it up!! I saw some of his work beforehand so I knew he was a good artist! I was so excited about this tattoo and it turned out even better than I thought it would! I had originally only wanted the "Love" portion of the tattoo but decided it needed something else...and especially for me, the sparrows were a perfect add on!!! Tattoo #6 was definitely a success!! :D

Levi (tattoo artist) helped me decide on a few of the details, like making one of them a girl sparrow by adding the eyelashes and it being ok to make them teal even though my other sparrow tattoo is teal :P

 Wrapping around the left side of my wrist

Wrapping around the right side of my wrist

My tattoo with my iv bruise and all. 
A week and two days old and it's still hanging around like a champ. Haha!

Levi also pointed out to me that the sparrows work upside down too! Such a crazy random happenstance! I hadn't even meant to draw them that way but it ended up that way! Love it even more because of this!

A view of it upside down from the side, too cool!

Sparrows are known for finding a soulmate and staying with them their entire lives. They are also known for flying great distances, but always returning home. :) This is only a couple of the reasons I like sparrows so much and one of the reasons I wanted the sparrows with the "Love" portion.

Hope everyone is doing well!! Hair tutorial video and knitting 101: casting on video coming soon!!! :D

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Moving Right Along

Here is video #3!!

Nothing too special...just the "What's in my purse" tag video. I'm really really hoping to do a tutorial for my next video! Hopefully my first knitting tutorial or a hair tutorial. Things have been extremely crazy lately so I haven't really had time for any in depth videos, hence the "fluff" videos. And my organizational video is coming along, I'm just still waiting for one last piece of organizational material to come in the mail for it to be complete :) I'm hoping this video will be really helpful to anyone that has a disorganized makeup collection or jewelry or anything like that. I know I had a problem with it and even having my makeup organized has made getting ready way easier!!

Life has just been a crazy roller coaster this last week. (I mean, when is life not a crazy roller coaster, but this week has been even more so...) Work has been really hectic, getting really sick Sunday night and having it continue for the next couple nights did not help! I got absolutely nothing done because I was basically just going to work and then sleeping...Now yesterday I worked from 8 A.M. to about 11:30 P.M. and my legs and back are just killing today! Ugh!! Ah well, the show must go on! :P

I hope everyone's year is starting off right! And if it's not starting off as you expected, then I hope it's starting off with a fresh new beginning! My year may not have started off as I planned or expected, but I can already tell it's going to be a great year! I have so many exciting things planned already for this year!

Here's to letting go of the past and letting the future hold everything we desire!

Happy 2011!!!

(Only 36 days until Jamaica!!)