Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So recently I found a pin on Pinterest that was all about decluttering and organizing...so guess what I have recently become obsessed with! Hahaha!! These are just a few of the things I've decluttered and organized..

Pantry before...
Yes it looks even worse because I had just recently pretty much literally thrown the broom and mop in there..but it was actually even worse because before I took this picture I had gone through all the spices and extra candy that was old/expired and threw it away.

Pantry after...
I got rid of the old mop and broom that I don't use and was able to tuck the mop and broom that remained into the side so they are out of the way. I also found these blue baskets...
at the Dollar Tree for $1 each (can't beat a good deal like that!). I used these for the random sprinkles and candles and cake decorating items in one and all our koozies in another. The third one went to my plastic storage containers to hold all the lids. Even though there is not a huge difference, just going through and getting rid of anything that wasn't needed and moving stuff around into a more organized fashion makes me not dread going into my little pantry :P

After doing this I went through my kitchen cabinets..I didn't take any pictures because I didn't really need to get rid of anything or declutter, but what I did do was move all my cups and glasses into one cabinet, then all my dishes and bowls and such into another, and finally food into another. It just helped to get everything a bit more organized and in a more useful place in the kitchen. I didn't take any pictures because I forgot :S But there really wasn't much to see anyway :P

The last thing I did so far was the lower cabinet in my kitchen...it looked like this before...
Although there isn't much in this cabinet..everything was just strewn all over the place with no real designated spot...

So here is the after :)
Makes quite a difference huh?! All the extra cups ended up in my pantry by the paper plates and such and I just moved everything around into a much neater positioning so everything has it's place.

I did also go through my linen closet, but again there was no decluttering to do, all I did was go through and take all my sheet sets and put each set into one of the matching pillowcases. This is an amazing trick that will quickly organize your linen closet and make it much easier to grab an entire sheet set and will also make it look much neater without having to purchase any baskets or anything else like that. Again, no pictures, but not much to it.

I plan to go through my craft room soon and take multiple pictures. I had the room very well organized at one point...and then I started just throwing things in the room that I didn't feel like finding a home for so it has become more of a junk room...so the next free Sunday or Saturday afternoon I have, that's my next project...

I never knew how relieving decluttering and re-organizing could be!! Even though I've done just a few small things, it makes me feel like I'm actually running a household and am in control of things instead of a college kid with a place to put stuff. It's really nice :)

Hopefully some DIY organization will come out of my craft room re-vamp!!! We shall have to wait and see!! Until then, go to YouTube and check out My Drunk Kitchen by Hannah Hart...you will not regret it! She is awesome!!!

Much love and happiness to everyone!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First MyGlam Bag!

At the beginning of December I heard about this fun thing called the My Glam Bag. There have been others before it such as the Loose Button boxes and Luxe Boxes.
Essentially it is a box (or in this case a bag) that you receive monthly with samples or full size containers of high end products for you to try. You simply pay a monthly fee (the amount is different depending on which one you do) and they send you a new box/bag each month. The My Glam Bag is only $10 a month!

I didn't try one for a long time until I heard about the My Glam one which was started by YouTube beauty gurus. I figured this one would for sure be worth a try, especially seeing as the samples or products you get are usually full size or a large sample.  I missed the month of December because I wasn't signed up before the first of the month, so my first bag came as the January one which arrived today!!!

My first impression.....love it!! There are a couple brands of products I haven't even heard of!!

Here is what the bag contained:  (I apologize for the not-so-good pictures, I was having lighting troubles and was unfortunately enough too in a hurry and lazy to try a different location and lighting to take the pictures...but you'll get the general idea :P)

First, an overview.

The first thing is the bag the products come in. This little clutch (probably best use as a travel/purse makeup bag) alone could probably have a price tag of $10 in stores! So I for sure feel as though I got my money's worth in this bag! The bag is so cute! It is a canvas color with green decorating that says myglam in the top left corner and Back to Nature in the upper right corner. So cute!

The first product in the bag (well..it was in the package with the bag because it is the full sized product so it doesn't fit in the bag :P) is a Freeman Facial Peel-Off Cucumber Mask.  The card says it retails for $8 for the bottle, but I do believe I've seen it at Wal-Mart or CVS for a bit cheaper. But I have wanted to try this one for a while so I'm excited that this came in the MyGlam bag!

Next is the Wen Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. I have heard about Wen products a lot and have been torn on if I've ever wanted to try them. On one hand I know they are supposed to be really nourishing for your hair, but on the other I have heard (from hairdressers as well) that it leaves the hair pretty oily...so I guess I will have to try it and see! This one is just a sample size of 2 fl oz. but the card says a full size 16 fl oz. bottle retails for $36.

Next is the Sheer Cover Duo Concealer. I was really excited about this since I have been thinking about trying to find a concealer for my never ending dark circles from lack of sleep and stress. I have yet to try this but can't wait to see how well it works! I like that it came as the duo with a light and medium concealer to try to be more versatile for everyone that buys the MyGlam Bag. This one says it is a 0.10 oz container and the card says a .05 oz. container retails for $29.

And finally we have the theBalm Cosmetics Shady Lady eyeshadow. This is a very pretty color!! The picture doesn't really show it correctly but it is sort of a champagne-y pink-y shimmery color. This is a full size product at .12 oz. which the card says retails for $16. Also, the card says "Shady lady can be used as a shadow or a liner to illuminate your eyes with color." So it's a two in one! Very exited to try this and the packaging is so cute!!

The other thing in the bag is the other cards. They are about the products in the bag and even include special offers and discounts for some of their items! Could be nice if I decide I want to repurchase any of the products!!

For my first MyGlam Bag I am very impressed and pleased!! I feel as though I definitely got my moneys worth and can't wait to try the products!! I will definitely be sticking with this and posting the contents of my bag each month!!! 

If you're interested go to www.myglam.com and sign up!!! If you decide you don't like it you can easily cancel your subscription at any time. Just remember that if you sign up after the first of the month, your first bag will arrive the next month.

Let me know if any of you sign up!!!

Love and kisses and hugs and such!

Monday, January 16, 2012

First Pinterest DIY project!

Ever since Pinterest has begun sucking my life away, I have found umpteen number of projects I want to attempt and hopefully not only succeed in but maybe inspire others as well!!! The first of the projects I decided to try was the mason jar candle because I had everything except the mason jars.

So off to the thrift store I went and I hit the mason jar motherload!! The first thrift store I went to had lots of mason jars for only 35 cents a piece!! Can NOT go wrong there!!!!

So to begin, I filled one of the mason jars with bath salts (which I had already dyed with food coloring).
You could fill the jars with more if you wanted, this was just all the rest of the bath salts I had.

Then I used a cream colored yarn I found at Big Lots for $1.00. The best way I found to do this was to tie it around the lip of the jar and leave a long tail to use at the end.
Then I wrapped...and wrapped...and wrapped to my little heart's content. Once I was satisfied with how much yarn I had wrapped around the top of the jar, I slid one of my skeleton keys onto the tail I left at the beginning of the yarn...
Then I cut the yarn from the side I was wrapping with and tied the two ends together.
The last step was to trim the ends to the length I wanted and add a tea light candle on top of the bath salts.
Voila!!!! Tea light mason jar personalized candle!! Haha!!! I added it onto my shelf in my living room which contained some of my other vintage pieces and sits right below my skeleton key frame picture thing...
I will definitely be making more of these for around my house and probably make some for gifts and such as well!! This was a really easy and cheap DIY project!! Definitely a good starter project for getting geared back into crafting!!! My next projects I'm hoping will be a poem scarf, a rose ball, and a canvas with a quote on it!!! If no other time I'm hoping this coming Sunday will be another good crafting/DIYing day!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crafting ideas and Pinterest

Hello all the beautiful people of the world!! It is official! I have sunken into the dark world of Pinterest and am forever caught in it's stealthy grasp! Hahah!! I finally went to check out what all the hype was about with this Pinterest thing....and oh my goodness!!!! So many ideas and so many things I want to try!! Some are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, but some are much bigger projects.

The major ones I really want to do:
A DIY poem scarf
Paint/design my shoe racks and area
Revamp my laundry "area" by adding a shelf and some decor
DIY mason jar candles/decor
Some DIY canvas wall decor
DIY chalkboards and chalkboard decor
DIY homeopathic hot pack

The list goes on and on!!!! I have a huge itch to go thrifting to see if I can find any fun pieces to use as decor since I am FINALLY getting my decor up and running! I'm also excited for summer season...a.k.a. garbage sale season!!! I had some pretty good luck last summer, especially with old picture frames for cheap, so I'm hoping next year will be the same if not better! And until then, to the thrift stores I go!
I also started a "movie corner" where I put my new DVD shelves so I'm going to try to find some fun vintage-y things to go in the corner, but am also going to go to Hobby Lobby to see if I can find anything fun for it as well :)
I have found some of the cutest ideas to try for some DIY furniture revamps as well so I'm hoping I will get to try a couple of those! :D

And as soon as the weather gets nice again, I have so many different photo shoots I want to try!!! There are a couple indoor ones I know I want to try (and I know I've been saying this over and over again, but a girl gets dang busy!) so I'm hoping to try those while I'm waiting for the warmer season to grace us again!

Any DIY projects and the like I try will for sure be going up on here! And possibly a video of some of them, depending....

Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2012 so far!!
Much love!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Easy Project

So this was a fun easy project that I found on Pinterest.com but altered a bit and made my own.

I had this wine rack that I bought at a garage sale I believe quite a while ago.

So I went a-hunting for some washcloths to put on it and use as decor. After a random trip to Big Lots I found these...
It came with two gray, two purple, and three teal. Teal and gray are the main colors in my bathroom and these all came in a pack for $6.
This is what I did with them.

I'm thinking either hand towels would have worked better, or I may go get another pack of the washcloths to double roll them (i.e. a teal in a grey, then a grey in a teal) so they fill up the space a bit more but don't over fill it. Either way it is a cute and fun idea and am pretty happy with the general turnout. :) Now I'm on the hunt for a small shelf to set in my bathroom to put this on top of, haha!!

Wishing everyone well!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's 2012!!!

I cannot believe it is already 2012!!! 2011 went by so fast!!! I am very excited to start out a new year though!! I'm hoping some of the things I've really been wanting to do (actually do a video once every 2 weeks, do more photo shoots, actually eat healthy and exercise, keep up with housework on a more regular basis) actually get accomplished this year!! Fingers crossed! :D

I was also doing so well on blog updates and then all of a sudden the holidays hit and I got cast in a play and my social life got sucked away haha! As much as I love the holidays and love spending time with friends and family, I am glad that they are over for another year...Sad to say maybe, but true. They came, they were awesome, they are done, they will be back before we know it! :)
So aside from that, rehearsals have been keeping me a busy, busy gal!! This is my first play with Dakota Stage so it is interesting to learn a new style of directing. And so far, I love it! Not that I didn't like how previous directors handle their shows because they did just as good of a job! But it's nice to get a different experience. The show so far is moving along really fast and very smoothly! The entire cast is amazing, great to work with and so helpful and nice! That always makes a show just so much easier and smoother! I'm so excited to be performing again!

I have been working on getting another high heel shoot done, but with no current indoor location and  the weather being a bit chillier than can be handled in shorts or a skirt for the models, I've been extremely limited...I really want to try yet to find a library that will allow me to do some photos, but also have not had the time to call around and see if they would let me. Hopefully that can happen soon! That is one of the only places I can think of right now to do an indoor heel shoot. The other place I would like to try that will be a bit more plausible is the theater in which we are doing the play. I'm thinking I could get some fun stuff in there and I'm hoping I can get a couple gals to just come to Dakota Stage with me before rehearsal some night to catch a few shots. Also I would like to get some in the Belle Mehus theater, but that one maybe be a bit more tricky to do considering I have no idea when they would be open or anything, but I do plan to call sometime and see if they would let me!! Here's to hoping!!!

I have also been planning my birthday extravaganza!!! I am very, very sad that I will not be able to go to Las Vegas like I originally wanted too, but have instead decided on a trip to the cities (Minneapolis) will suffice and probably be about half the cost! Can't compete with that!! Also I'm hoping it will be a little bit more attainable for other people so more people can join me if they want! More to come on that later!!

One final thing...I went on a random mini shopping trip yesterday and wound up in Victoria's Secret while they have their Semi-Annual Sale in progress and got some of the cutest things!!! One of them was a really fantastic bra, but I didn't think it would be fully kosher to post a picture of my new bra on here...so I'll just leave it to the imagination, haha! ;) But the other things I did find...

First is this adorable eyeshadow palette! I could not resist when I saw the case it came in! The black portion is 3-D and the colors are fantastic!!! I absolutely love it already! After the discount I got this for $13!! The shadows are really great and really pigmented and the amount you get (as far as I can tell before I've hit the pan) is very sufficient for the price I paid!!!

Second is this cute little highlighter blush (so it is called). It's almost like a highlight and a blush in one, however I did find that it is much more of a highlight, but it is gorgeous!! Again very pigmented and after the discount I only paid $8 for this! And again this seems like it will last me quite a long time and I love the packaging!!

And last was this little perfume. I was hoping to find a bigger bottle of perfume that I really liked since they were 50%-75% off, but all I found was this little one. It smells amazing though! It's like a berry type of perfume. Not too overpowering, not like a grandma perfume, but not too sweet either! I love it! I believe this one was $7.50 after the discount.

I just had to share! The Semi-Annual Sale is still going on and they had quite a large stock of things when I was there!!!! They have of course all lot more lingerie on sale a TONS of perfumes and makeup!!! Personally, it's work a look!!!

I hope everyone's holidays and New Years went as well as mine did!!!! Here's to 2012 and hoping it's everything we are all hoping for and much much more!!!!!
Much love everyone!!!