Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2nd video!

Here's my 2nd video! I attempted a haul video so we'll see how it goes! The next video I'm working on is my organization video and I'm doing a before and after for it. The after will take a little while since I'm still waiting for some organizing tools in the mail, but so far it's looking good! Thanks everyone!


When I come upon something new that I really like, I tend to become slightly obsessed with of right now, that thing is makeup and organization. I recently made 3 different purchases from e.l.f. I got the first one in the mail but am still waiting on the other two. Because of my new found "love" for makeup, it does not all fit in the one container I had for it. So last night I made my way to Wal-Mart with one of my gal friends and purchased some organizing tools. I plan on doing a before and after video on how I'm going to organize everything. Not sure when this will be able to take place of course because I'm still waiting for some of the makeup and I still need to go purchase a couple other organization things before I can begin everything. But I'm really excited to do it! I've been watching videos of how other girls organize their things and looking for different ideas...the only problem with my situation, I have a very small amount of space to work with. I think my boyfriend might get just a little mad if I take up both bathrooms and closets with all of my things, haha! So I have been all sorts of overly excited to get organized and such! Hopefully it all goes over well! :D

Tonight I'm hoping to put up the quick video I did on that mini haul. As I said before, we'll see how it goes!! I have quite a few ideas of other videos I want to do so I'm hoping to have the time to do them soon!! Such as:

Xmas Sumo Ball video
High Heel collection video
Tips for at home fashion/beauty fixes video
"Well sure, don't ya know" video
E.L.F. haul/review video
Hair braiding up-do tutorial video
Knitting video (one for casting on, one for knit stitch, one for purl stitch just for starters)

Not sure which video I'll do when or what not, but I'm really excited to do these! Not even sure if I'll do them all or what either, but most of them I will hopefully get to!! Saturday is my next day with absolutely no plans so hopefully then I can at least get one if not two of the videos filmed at least. I'm slowly learning my way around the Movie Maker that came on my computer. I'm not overly worried about editing my videos so as of right now I'm not going to go out and buy video editing software or anything. What's on my computer will work well enough for now. :) Hopefully I can get it to work with me instead of fighting with me, haha!

Hope everyone is excited for the New Year! Take care!

Monday, December 27, 2010

And Christmas brings around another year's end...

Hello everyone!

I hope everyone's Christmas and holiday season was as amazing as it could be! I know for some people the season isn't over yet and there are still more endeavors to concur (such as I still have presents to exchange with friends and one more family event in January), but I hope the most of it was good! As much as I love Christmas, I'm always glad when it's over. Christmas sometimes just seems so....ominous.... I feel like each year the expectations for Christmas are higher...I dunno...anyway, moving on.

I will be posting another video soon! It's a short haul video. Nothing to do with Christmas, but I might try to do a Christmas haul video too...there's one thing I got that I really want to show everyone! It's my favorite gift this year! But back to my point...
This is going to be my first haul video. I'm interested to see how it will go over. I know I already explained my qualms with haul videos, but I myself like to watch them so I figure, why not try one. I already filmed it and just decided to film it really quick with my webcam on my computer so I'm not even sure the quality will be worth it for me to upload, but I also figured for my first haul video I wanted to see how it would go over before I spent a lot of time on it. At least half of the things in my video are from a thrift store and Plato's Closet, so I didn't spend much at all! :P It does concern me that one of the reasons I watch haul videos is to kind of find different things I might like and be able to go to those stores and possibly purchase them myself, but I also hate spending a lot of money on clothes and things so....oh well.

In other news....there isn't much. Spending as much time with friends that are in town for the holidays as possible. Got to listen to my parent's band play a couple days this last week which I loved! Other than that, Christmas was Christmas. Almost the same as it always has been for me. I'm pretty dang excited as well though for the poop ton (yes, poop ton) of yarn I got! My boyfriend's mom had a bunch of yarn she wasn't using anymore so she gave it to me! I cannot wait to try some of it! My next video will most likely be a knitting tutorial! I'm so excited to do those videos! :D

Also, I have some great videos from Christmas I might try to put up. At my boyfriend's mom's house, a few of them decided to play Sumo Ball. Don't ask, just watch the video when I put it up! It was definitely a good time!

I hope everyone has an amazing New Year's Eve and day!! 2010 is almost over so enjoy the last bits of it while you can!!! I am hoping to film a bit of stuff at the New Year's Eve party a gal friend and I are having so hopefully that will be a fun video to put up as well!

Take care everyone! Stay safe and keep watching for my next video!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Video!

Alright! My first YouTube video is up and running!!! Give me some feedback! I'm really nervous about how this will all go! :S Thanks for all your support so far everyone! :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Christmas is almost here! I finally got my last couple of Christmas presents for people in the mail and picked up the last two I had to get last night so I am officially done!! I can't wait to get together with all my friends and family to celebrate!

For my first YouTube video I've gone back and fourth on what to do. I thought the first one I should do should maybe have something to do with why I decided to start the YouTube channel or maybe do one of the TAG question type of things just to kind of let people know a bit more about me, but I've decided that since the holidays are upon us, I'm going to do a Top Ten Holiday Favorites for my first video. I'm hopefully going to get this all filmed, edited and uploaded either tonight or tomorrow so it's up and going before Christmas gets here. With all that's going on with friends that are in town for the holidays I'm not sure if it will happen or not, but I'm sure going to try! I wish I could just film it at work since I haven't had a lot to do and have had a lot of down time at work, but of course that's not plausible, haha!

So....instead of filming what my YouTube channel will be all about, I decided to just put it on here...

I wanted to start this, as I said in my last blog, as a bit of a creative outlet for myself. I might make an attempt at some makeup tutorials (even though they might not go over so well because I'm not a makeup guru or anything :P ), some hair tutorials just on the few styles I've found that go over really well, I want to put some knitting tips that I've found on there and even do some beginners knitting videos and one video I know I want to do is a high heel collection video. If any of you know me really well, you'll know how big my adoration for heels is and how many pairs I have. ;) I'm planning on saving that one for some time after the holidays though for one major reason, I'm 95% sure my dad is making me a shelving unit for my shoes for Christmas! My dad is one of the handiest people I know and does AMAZING woodwork! He made me a huge, awesome bookshelf for my birthday this year and has asked for a few pairs of my shoes so he knows how tall the shelves need to be! I can't wait! So after that I will be looking forward to doing a high heel collection video!

A lot of the ideas for the videos I will be doing have come from other videos I've watched on YouTube. I'm going to do them myself because of how much I've enjoyed watching other people's videos. I did make a couple orders from e.l.f. recently that I will probably do a haul video on. (For anyone who doesn't know what a haul video is, you can go to YouTube and type in "haul" and a bunch of them will pop up! It's much easier to watch it than to try to explain it!)
I'm slightly torn on haul videos because it of course will come off as bragging, but it really isn't. For me, I watch haul videos for a few reasons:
-It can help to get to know a person by seeing the kinds of things they like
-It gives me an opinion on the things people buy so I might know if I would like to purchase something instead of purchasing it, not liking it and having to try to return it
-Haul videos are like shopping vicariously through someone else. If I don't really have the money to spend on shopping, it's kind of fun to watch what someone else purchased and kind of "take the edge off" from the shopping itch....yes...this does lead me to believe I might be a bit of a shopaholic ;P

So I've decided I will do a haul/review video on my e.l.f. purchases and see how that goes over. I would also love to see if I can use this YouTube channel to get myself back into dancing...I've been wanting to choreograph a dance again for a while and just kind of get back into it without having to go to a studio and pay to dance, so maybe this will get me to choreograph something to put up on my channel. :)

As of right now, these are my thoughts. I hope everyone is already having a great holiday season and I wish everyone safe travels! (Especially if you're up north! Drivers are crazy around here so be careful! ;P )

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Beginning

I've decided that I need a change in my life.

I've learned through my own observations that it seems more and more these days people have begun living vicariously through other people instead of doing things for themselves. Such as I've begun living vicariously through other people's YouTube videos. Therefore, along with this blog I'm going to start my own YouTube account and videos. Having never done anything like this before I have no idea where this will take me in my life, if it takes me anywhere at all. If not, well hey I tried! :P And if it does, then let the new adventures begin! 

I plan on writing more, getting back into painting, and simply working on bettering myself in the ways I see fit. I've come to one of the points in my life where I feel as though I'm almost in a rut. A rut to where I'm not doing the same thing every day, but my jobs are running together and I almost can't tell one day from the next. Christmas came so fast this year I can't believe it's only 5 days away! My one hope is that this blog and doing videos will help me branch out into some things and stop being so bored with my own life. I feel at points that I've almost just given up on trying to experience life and I'm just working on getting through each day and for me that's just being, not living. And I want to live! Maybe some of the things I end up doing won't be the best for me, but either way I plan on simply having a bunch of new experiences along the way!

I thought about waiting and doing this for my New Year's resolution, and then I realized I had been putting things off for far too long! So here it is! I'm thinking of it as my Christmas present to myself. :) 

I hope anyone that reads this simply reads it either to enjoy, or to inspire themselves to get up and do with their lives everything they've ever wanted to do! 

Here's to new beginnings without forgetting the amazing experiences that got me to where I am today!

A quick photo to commemorate the moment I decided to make this change. :)