Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekend Frivolities

So this weekend is going to be a busy but fun weekend starting right when the clock hits 1!! Ferlice and I are going to head to the humane society to walk a couple puppies (yes I call all dogs puppies no matter how old or big) and play with the kitties (same goes for cats :P)!! I'm so excited! I've wanted to get my butt out there and volunteer for the longest time and just haven't gotten around to doing it. After this it will be time to shower up and head on out in search of a new pair of glasses. The pair I have are great, I just want a new pair and since my insurance will cover a good chunk for a pair of glasses I figured its time for some fun new glasses! Picture to come once I pick them out! :D
After glasses picking it will be time for the races!!! My mom traveled to Fargo to pick up my two nephews and bring them here for the weekend! So tonight it's the races! Then tomorrow we are doing some school shopping and lunch, after which it will be "getting cute" time to head out on the town to celebrate Laura's bday, then head to the OK Corral (yup, you read correctly) to listen to a band that's playing there.
Sunday I will be finishing up some family photos and then heading to Sertoma park with my mom and the boys for mini golf and rides!

Phew, hopefully I make it through it all! Haha!!! I'm excited though! It will be a fun filled weekend for sure!!!

My computer is once again down so I am still working solely from my work computer whenever I have a chance so videos and photo editing has come to a slow crawl since I rarely get the chance to work on them, but hopefully my computer will be up and working again very soon!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!!!

Exes and Ohs to everyone! :P
The Ferninator

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY decor!!!

Last night my friend, Kathie, and I trucked on over to good ol' Hobby Lobby. I have been wanting to do a DIY decor video for a long time since I found what I wanted to do, and I FINALLY got the supplies for it!!! I'm so happy with the material I found and decided to use! It's such an exciting project, I can't wait to do it!!! I'm hoping this Saturday or possibly Sunday will give me time to do the project and get it all filmed and such.

I've been way to busy to really do any more hair tutorials at the moment and I do have one makeup tutorial I want to try. I'm not really that good at makeup, but this is a take on one of the makeup tutorials that has been going around YouTube lately. It's really fun and pretty! :D

The rest of this week is going to consist of:
Wednesday (tonight): Gym, then gals night with Kathie and Adrienne
Thursday: Gym, then heading out to Bucks for the Break Bucks Bank night and/or heading to the Dove to listen to my parent's band play. (Yes, my parents are rockstars ;D) Then packing an overnight bag for Friday
Friday: Working til noon, then heading for Minot for a wedding, attending the wedding and dancing the night away
Saturday: Return from Minot and watch Drew play softball (if I get back in time) and hopefully doing my DIY project!!
Sunday: Taking pictures of a gal friend in her wedding dress since her wedding will be down in Vegas!!

It's going to be a busy but fun and exciting rest of the week!!
Hope everyone's week is going well so far!!
Much love,
Fair <3

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I have a plan!

I have a couple hair tutorials in mind and hopefully this time I stick to them! :P

I want to do some back to school hair tutorials, even though I'm not going back to school, I know its definitely a big hit right now, and I want to do two separate videos for this. One on about 3 hair styles, and one on different ways to wear pigtails as an adult (or young adult :P) I do not care what anyone says or thinks, I absolutely love wearing pigtails! :P (A little girl at heart til the day I die!)

Also, I'm wanting to do a couple hairstyles for people with longer and thicker hair, meaning my best friend Kathie will be coming into the picture so I can  "borrow" her hair :P She's such a sport!

One other video I'm wanting to do since I'm at a resting point with my shoes, is my high heel collection....I recorded it once, but wasn't happy with the results of the way it got filmed and such, so I'm going to do a new one now that I have added and subtracted some heels so my collection is pretty "stable" right now.

Again....I'm hoping these are not empty promises I'm making! :P The only thing I'm worried about is having the time to do them! The heel collection one especially will take an hour or so just to film because I have so many pairs that I will need to put on, take off and put away. But I'm excited to do it still! :D

I've also been working lately on revamping the townhouse a bit. I've lived in this townhouse now for 4 years and am just now FINALLY starting to decorate it! Drew pretty much just let's me do what I want because its really not his thing! Haha! I should have all the pieces I want now to get my living room all decorated so that is one of my next tasks! Also, my bedroom is finally set up well and now I just need to add some decor, but that will have to wait for a little while until I decide exactly how I want our bedroom to look. I haven't decided on colors or any sort of a "theme" yet, so I'll wait and see. My kitchen is finally all ready to go though as well. Yay for making my house into a home finally! Haha!

I've finally also gotten back into the gym. Yay for working out! :P Other than that, life lately has consisted of softball on Monday nights, watching the Swimsuit International contest at Bucks on Thursday nights (Yes, I'm 25 and I go to the bars and watch girls strut their stuff on the stage on the dance floor and have done the contests myself, its just fun :P), watching our movies from #-Z (Drew and I got rid of DirecTV just to save on some money and instead have started watching our collection of DVDs from #-Z, so far, we are still in the As haha! But it's fun! :D), and hanging out with friends and family a lot! Drew has also been going down to his dad's house a lot to help him with the flooding that's been going on. I'm thankful that the flooding didn't get any worse than it did! Not that what occurred was good, but I'm glad he didn't lose the house and no one was hurt or anything of the like.  So life hasn't been overly crazy, just filled each day with different things going on.

One other thing I'm excited about is I did my first high heel shoot a couple weeks ago! I have yet to go through the pictures and pick out the ones I really like and edit them and such, but it makes me happy knowing I have at least gotten the ball rolling on my high heel series I've been wanting to do! Hopefully more to come soon! I'll post some of my fav pics on here once I do get them done!

I've also gotten a couple customers for my business, Forget Me Nots. It started as a scrapbooking business that my mom convinced me to do and it hasn't really taken off, but it's slowly working its way down the runway. I have done one scrapbook, one guestbook, and pictures for a friend of mine. The business mostly consists of scrapbooking and decorating the flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows for weddings, but I also do some pictures on the side. Granted I'm no where near a professional photographer level and my camera isn't the best camera out there or anything, but I really enjoy photography and hope to continue with it and maybe get a better camera someday. I don't think I would ever want it to be my full time job, but I do thoroughly enjoy it as a side thing to do! :D

I hope everyone's day/week/month/year is going swimmingly! :)

Much love,
Fair <3

Friday, August 5, 2011

Being absent

Well...after being all sorts of MIA with my blog and YouTube for a while, I'm back!! I got a new background and a couple new videos in mind so hopefully I'll be able to get my home computer fixed fast so I can get to editing some videos and posting them!!

Summer has been so incredibly crazy busy for me I just haven't had time to do everything I've wanted to do, so I'm hoping that once winter rolls around again (I can wait though!! :P) I will have much more time to be at home and doing videos and more fun DIY crafts and such!!

I know I don't have many followers or readers on my blog (yet!), but if anyone that reads this has any ideas for videos or anything you would like me to do a video on specifically just let me know!!! The things I think I would be ok at are hair tutorials, maybe some makeup tutorials, DIY crafts and I'm hoping to do some healthy food videos!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and here's to hoping I get time to get geared up on my videos again!!

Much love,
Fair <3