Monday, June 25, 2012

Random health stuff

Well, finally got to go grocery shopping last night!! It's amazing how rare Drew and I go grocery shopping just because it's not something that's at the forefront of my mind and we rarely have time to actually take a full on trip to the grocery store!
I finally got something else figured out for my attempt at eating healthier all the time. For the most part I have a hard time with eating meals because I'm usually so on the go that I don't have the time to make anything, so I have come up with a couple things that are great for on the go! These are things that most people already know and all that good stuff, but that I'm trying for the first time.

I was really wanting to find a good recipe for a homemade granola bar type of thing that wasn't overly packed with sugar and/or sodium or anything. It seems like almost no matter what all types of granola bars are either over packed with those, or don't taste good to me. (I really don't like any sort of almonds or peanuts or anything and most of the "healthy" ones usually have something like that in them) I never really found a good recipe, so I decided to make my own chex mix instead.  I did 4 basic ingredients: corn chex mix (the cheap version), cheerioes (again, the cheap version), fat free pretzel sticks and raisins.
I have a hard time when chex mix gets over salty or something because the saltiness of peanuts or something gets all over the rest of the ingredients and it just tastes gross to me. With the things I picked they all tend to not get all jumbled together and works better for me. I know that's being extremely picky, but hey, I'm the one that has to eat it.

The other thing I figured out (which shouldn't have been so hard to think of) is pre-making salads. I don't mean the whole thing, but I like to use lettuce and spinach when I make a salad but hate the process of tearing up the lettuce (since I buy a head of lettuce, not a bag) and such, so I started putting them in ziploc bags together so I can just grab one of the bags when I want to make a salad. (Yes, I am that lazy and sometimes just that on the go that I don't have time to do this at the moment) Since I just started doing that I'm not really sure how long a bag will last before getting gross, but I'm guessing at least 5 days. Hopefully!

I also picked up a bunch of more fruits and veggies and got them all washed and prepared and put into separate containers and ziploc bags to make them more grab-able for me. Hopefully that helps keep me on track!!

It also sucks lately that I haven't had time to do my work outs I was doing. Since I get off work at 5 and usually have rehearsal right now at 6 until around 8:30-9 it doesn't leave much time to do a workout. Busy busy busy busy busy!!!!

The photography thing has been going well though!! So far I have two weddings photographed and have my 3rd one this weekend! Then some other stuff coming up later in the summer. Now all I have to do is sit my butt down at get some editing done! Learning photoshop is no easy task!!!

Hoping everyone is doing well!
Much love,

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