Monday, June 4, 2012

Life is crazy!!!

Life is so crazy busy for me right now I'm not even sure where to start with a new blog post!! Anyone that follows this blog probably follows my Facebook too so the life stuff is already out there, haha!

I am SOOOOO excited about my photography stuff taking off! Maybe not really fast, but it's taking off for sure!!! After doing my first two weddings I can officially say I think this is something I could make a career out of! If not a career than an amazing side job!!! It's something I definitely don't want to quit doing and want to do more and more! So now to get the word out there!! If anyone knows of anyone needing senior pictures, engagements, baby/pregnancy pictures, family photos or wedding pictures send them my way!!! My prices are reasonable and you still get some great photos!!! (At least I think so :P )

The diet and'm still being really cautious about what I eat and such (and still eating and drinking "bad" stuff here and there like I knew I would) but the exercise has (as I imagined) proved problematic. I just have trouble fitting it in sometimes! Yeah, I can do quick 15 minute things here and there, but that just never feels like enough and I never really remember to do them. And of course there's no way I can drag myself out of bed any early than need be...and when I do get in a work out, I feel the need to shower immediately after because I sweat so much with the workouts I do. I know you don't have to sweat to get a work out, but it just makes me feel like I get a better work out haha! Also, my knees have been giving me more problems lately and acting up and hurting and such so doing some of the workouts on the Jillian Michaels DVDs is really painful :(
Some things that have been working for dieting. The detox tea I bought was not good as hot tea, so I started taking 4 tea bags and putting them in a 1 quart pitcher of water and setting them out to make "sun tea". Then I would put it in the fridge to make a cold tea and to drink it I would fill a glass with 3/4 tea and 1/4 lemonade for "sweetener". It has a taste and is still the detoxifying tea but also isn't overly high with calories since the tea really doesn't have any calories and the little bit of lemonade doesn't add much for calories either.
I have been doing lunch at home a lot more and if I do eat fast food I do my best to eat at Subway (which can of course be just as bad for you as McDonald's or something of the like) but I have been doing my best to make a healthy supper and have leftovers or make sandwiches and such at home. Also, since it's summer fresh fruits and veggies are so much better right now!!! The fruit/veggie market that's not far from my house is now open and I've already made one trip there and plan on another one very soon!

Also, I have been getting more and more focused on getting my house actually decorated and organized to be a functioning, clean, appealing place to live. Drew and I just spent about $1300 on a new bed, box spring, frame, sheets, pillows and comforter. Worth it? YES! Oh my gosh! The sheets we got are made from bamboo and are the absolute most comfortable sheets I've ever slept in! Expensive, yes. Worth it, yes!

I have also set up a cleaning schedule for myself. I will do an entire post on that later though after having been on it for a bit to see how it actually works for me. The other thing I have been trying to focus on with the organizing portion is my business and craft room. I just can't seem to keep that dang room organized!! So I have been on the hunt for book cases and storage bins to try to help me out! If I find something that works there will be a blog on that as well.

Last but not least for right now is the decorating. I have been trying for a long time to figure out a good decor theme for my place and have narrowed it down to picking color schemes for each room and going from there. The kitchen (as of right now) is going to be pink and green, the bedroom black and teal, and the living room is to be determined. The upstairs bathroom is already teal and grey....I think I would probably do my entire house in teal but then everything would end up looking the same I think and I would probably not enjoy it much. The bedroom may go to champagne and black just because I think that would be a nice neutral scheme since the sheets we got are a dark purple and the comforter is a light teal. But they look good together so I'll either stick with that or go with other neutrals in the bedroom. Hopefully.....I always get so many thoughts going on in my head on what I would like to do and then they either never get done or never turn out how I thought they would.

Well now that this blog has become a jumble of nonsense and things that probably don't really matter...


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