Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello Sailor!

So...I've been re-doing my bathroom decor...I have been overly obsessed with this whole nautical theme lately!! I just can't seem to get enough and I'm not quite sure why!! So after seeing this shower curtain on eBay:
 I knew I just had to do this!! I started searching for photos of nautical pin-up girls and one of them I found was this one:
Which is where I got the inspiration for the sign. This sign was the first thing (besides the shower curtain) I decided on and made for the decor change. 
I'm still shocked at how well this turned out for me since I made it. Usually the ideas I have for projects are amazing in my head and then just flop while I'm doing it or just don't look right at all, but I LOVE this one!!! I'll be posting a tutorial of it soon!
(For pricing guide, the letters were $0.99 a piece but were on sale when I bought them so I get them all for $6.53, the paint was $0.99 a piece and the twine was $1.47 but I got it on sale for $0.73 and the mounting squares I used to attach it to the wall were $1.00 for the pack from the dollar store)

I tried as hard as possible to spend as little as possible with this re-do. Especially since I have been trying to decorate my house and the one room that was completely done is the one room I made a specific theme for and re-did....yup.....of course that would happen...
But all in all (as of right now and I'm pretty much done unless I find something else I "have" to have) I spent $130....a bit steeper than I wanted to spend, but....oh well....a couple of the things I already had (just a couple) so I didn't spend the money for them at this time....

Starting from where you first walk in:
I bought this captain's wheel at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to do quite a few DIY projects to try to keep the cost down, but this was one I just bought. It was originally $19.99 but it was half off. 

This is the corner of the counter by the door. The thing everything is sitting on is one of those wicker place mats that's blue. I found it at a thrift store quite a while back for $0.25. The blue vase I found at another thrift store for $2. The two clear vases I already had from my previous decor in the bathroom but were only $1.00 each at Wal-Mart. In them I took some twine ($.073 at Hobby Lobby and the same stuff I used on the Hello Sailor sign) and dropped it into the vases. I just fed it in and let it all coil up as it went into the vase. Then I took another piece of the twine and tied a small charm around each, a sparrow on the shorter one and a skeleton key on the taller one. The white balls are actually cat toys I found at Pet Smart for $0.99 a piece. They have a little bell in it but thank goodness they don't make noise while sitting there! The other two tan balls I found at the thrift store for $0.25 a piece. Here's a closer look at the two clear vases.

For the soap dispenser I found this blue one at the dollar store and just used some of the twine to attach the anchor charm to it.

These two little nautical boxes I just found at the thrift store for $1.00 each. They sit on the other side of the counter.

This is the shelf that hangs above the toilet. It's actually a small cabinet that my dad made and was in the bathroom of the house I grew up in. My parents built their own house and didn't need this so they put it in my bathroom for me. The book on the left I found at the thrift store for $1.00, the glass in the middle I made using items from the dollar store: glass stones, sand, glass jar and string. The small red anchor box I found at Target in the $1.00 section before I even decided to re-do my bathroom in a nautical theme!

Here's a closer look at the glass.
The little hole to the right of the glass my dad had put in the shelf for my mom to store her hair dryer in. Pretty genius huh? ;) Yes, I'm biased and think my dad is the most amazing father of all times.  The only reason I don't use it and covered it up with the anchor box is because I don't get ready in this bathroom, I get ready downstairs.

These little boxes I bought at Hobby Lobby for $1.49 a piece. They were blue and red already but not the shades I wanted, so I used the paint I had used for the letters on the Hello Sailor sign to paint them to match. I'm not sure if I want to just leave them here or do something else with them, I just thought they were cute and added to the nautical theme a bit. 

When we re-did the bathroom with the shower and flooring and such, we had to build out a little bit to allow for the wider bathtub, so I ended up with this little shelf. (The two clear vases before used to sit here) I made this "Message in a Bottle" for it. I had the wine bottle already. I just rolled up a wrinkled piece of packing paper and put it in the bottle, then tied some twine around it and attached a little compass charm to jazz it up a bit.

Here's that corner of the room with the shower curtain! (The shower curtain I found on eBay for $25) I know the shower curtain is maybe a little risque....but I love it!!!! I have always loved pin-ups and it was the perfect thing for my new bathroom decor. You can also see the entire cabinet in this picture.

This white shelf I already had (purchased it from Wal-Mart for around $12). From top to bottom, the blue mirror I already had (found at The Arc thrift store for $0.50). The small red knick knack by the mirror I found at Community Blessings thrift store for $0.25. The red and white rope was actually a dog toy I found at the dollar store. The two red baskets I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby, $4.08 for the smaller one and $4.76 for the larger one. The basket in the middle was $2.00 at Community Blessings thrift store. If I remember correctly there was a third red basket in a small size, but I like the difference in the baskets. The top red basket has some rolled washcloths in it. I bought two red washcloths, two blue washcloths and a hand towel in each color from Kmart for $12.58 all together. The middle basket holds extra shower products for guests if they ever need anything, and the bottom one holds toilet paper.

The Wal-Mart bag has the rest of the things I need to hang up yet. I have a small cast iron anchor (about 6" high and 4" wide) that I got at Hobby Lobby (was $3.99 but was half off when I bought it) that I need to hang above the door, and then I made some pin-up girl prints that I need to hang yet as well, just haven't had the means or the time yet. They will hang under the Hello Sailor sign. 
I also bought some netting from a gal on Bisman Online for $5 that she had used for a beach wedding and I'm going to try to hang it from the ceiling in some fashion to give it a nice look. 
The last thing I want to do is make a sign for the door. I was looking around on eBay to see if there was any other fun nautical stuff I could find and I ran across one of those gold brass signs that look like it goes on a ship of some sort. It said toilet and I thought that would be cute to put on the door. But then, I ran across one that said...poop deck!!! I busted out laughing to myself! I know that the bathroom in nautical terms is not the poop deck...but it makes me giggle so much!!! I was going to buy it, but it was only about 6" long and I wanted something a bit bigger to hang on the door so I'm going to make my own sign, just not 100% sure how yet haha!

Almost the only thing I didn't buy for this re-do was new towels (body towels) and new rugs. I would much rather get new ones, but I've already spent too much as it is and the grey ones work just fine! I'll post more pictures when the rest of the pin-up girl photos are up and such!!

Hope everyone's week is going well!!!

Much love,

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