Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Slipping Away

This summer has been....well it's just been crazy!!! Having my photography business up and running has definitely kept me on my toes and shown me exactly how crazy my life may be if I keep this up! But it's kind of great! I have taken some really fun photos and it is something that I truly enjoy...yes...photoshop is currently the bane of my existence....but that's a side note ;P

I have been absolutely just photo editing my life away lately! But it's so worth it! I have one wedding left to edit, then another wedding I'm shooting at the end of August, then photos I took for fun that I still need to edit!! Holy photos!! Definitely got some really fun and amazing photos though!!! And a big thank you to all those who let me take photos of their big day and such!

The work out bug has kicked me in the ass again. I have been jogging for two whole days in a row!! I know, such an accomplishment! Hahahah!!! I knew it would be like this. It has been for quite some time. I get a huge workout bug, go at it great for a couple weeks, then poop out. And right now, I'm back at it. This time though I went and bought a new pair of shoes and some new work out clothes! I'm thinking this may help me to kick my butt into gear cause if I get to wear cute clothes to do it, why not work out, right?! Haha! Hey, if it helps me stay on a work out schedule, I'm all for it!! :P

Summer is pretty much over, which is kind of sad, but fall is my favorite season!! :D I will be starting co-ed softball in September (hopefully practicing before a lot!) so that will take up some of my time but should be fun! Last year was my first year so I'm hoping this year I do a bit better haha!

With winter coming, my main goal is to keep up with a work out schedule and CRAFT, DIY, CRAFT, DIY!!!! I have been Pinterest-ing like crazy and can't wait to try some of the fun crafts and DIY projects I have pinned!! I've tried a few things and have loved them so far! So fingers crossed!!

Also with my new found motivation for working out, I'm thinking about switching gyms. I have been at Anytime Fitness for a few years now and it's not horrible for being $30 a month, but the months that I don't use it I just feel so...blah and like I just flushed my money away. I like the gym....and it's great that its in Mandan....but I would LOVE to do some classes and they don't offer any at all!! I really want to try a kickboxing class, body pump class, yoga class and of course a zumba class!! So I'm thinking about going to Gold's Gym which would suck because they are in Bismarck, but they have classes and if that's something I'm really wanting to try I think it would be worth it. Plus they have a special going on right now so it would be a great time to switch! So I'm going to be checking that out here really soon! Who knows! I would love to go to the YMCA so I could go swimming....but their memberships start at $40 and go up from there and I really don't want to spend more on a gym membership especially if there are months where I barely us it or not at all no matter how much I'm trying to change that....

Here's to hoping fall brings as much love and joy as summer did and hoping for a wonderful rest of the year!!!

Much love to you all!!!

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